Is the Disapperance of Bruce Jenner Being Handled Well by Caitlyn and the Media

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Bruce Jenner, as a young man, embraced his natural gender, trained to build muscle and strength, became a professional athlete and Olympian and excelled to his full potential.  He was awarded a gold medal for his achievements and cemented himself as a pop culture icon; a famous face of athletic achievement on Wheaties’ cereal boxes and a willing representative of masculinity.

As a father to some and step dad to others, he gained a great deal more fame surrounded by the brain dead kardashians, a group of spoiled rich people, who sadly captivated the public with their fake plastic faces, body parts and personalities. Sadly, the show is the perfect depiction of modern values: our greatly self-absorbed and materialistic society.  We the audience created this new monster, some watching in awe of their carefree lives of fame and wealth,  others like we are drawn to a train wreck: with morbid…

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