Inapparent Inequality

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Mountains And the Sea

Kyrgyzstan isn’t an equal place for men and women, for citizens of different ethnicity, different religious leanings.  It may be a democracy, and the soviet era may have emphasized solidarity and equality, but there are definitely fissures and imbalances, some of which seem to have actually grown in the decades since independence.

We see this in Bishkek, and yet we don’t see this in Bishkek.  Bishkek is a more unequal place for women than many other places in the world.  And yet it’s also the seat of opportunities and of prosperity in the country.  People in Bishkek don’t stand on a completely level playing field – but they do [generally] have more opportunities than elsewhere in the country (especially in terms of access to education), so it is easy to overlook an issue or not perceive the seriousness of a situation.  Here we often see just the tip, ripples of…

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