Continuing the Discussion of the Media and if Caitlyn Jenner’s Stance is Trivializing the Choice of Changing Genders

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I recently apologized to a friend who thought my post about Bruce Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe award was too harsh.  She felt my words were even hostile toward Jenner and his life choice.  So here are more thoughts on the issue:

Somethings just not right about the Bruce Jenner/Kaitlyn Jenner story and particularly the media coverage its getting.  A person’s choice to alter their gender identity is obviously a serious issue, but the Jenner story is making it seem way too trivial.  Deciding to appear as a different sex is any persons right, and I would never belittle a person for it. What l don’t like is the popularity of that horrible kardashian family, their tv show and Jenner’s embracing of the limelight.
I know there must be many people who are more comfortable with the identity of the opposite sex. The problem is when huge challenges and life…

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