Don’t Forget Nepal’s Women and Girls

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Girls' Globe

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, international attention quickly turned to this tiny country sandwiched between China and India – like “a yam between two boulders” as a local saying goes. More than 8,600 lost their lives in the tragedy, and more than 16,000 were injured.

One might think that a natural disaster such as an earthquake would impact people indiscriminately. And yet, even natural disasters are not gender neutral. Not only do natural disasters kill women more than men – in Nepal, 38% of those who lost their lives were women and 17% were girls, while only 30% were men and 14% were boys – the recovery process has a gendered dimension as well.

Disasters and crisis situations often exacerbate previously existing dimensions of marginalization, discrimination, and vulnerability. That is precisely what is happening today in Nepal.  Even before the earthquake, women and girls…

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