Nigerian jailed for 5 years in Cambodia for raping a Norwegian tourist

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A 26 year old Nigerian man, Ekwegbalu Ugochukwu Udok, has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by a Municipal court in Cambodia for beating and raping a Norwegian tourist, 27 year old Nodia Ebert, in December 2014. According to the presiding judge, on the day of the incident, the young lady had just stepped out of a night club when she met Udok who pretended to be a taxi driver and asked that she take a ride with him.
“Udok pretended to be a taxi driver, and asked her to take a ride from him. He said that he would bring her to the Okay Boutique Hotel, but instead, he brought her to his rental house. After arriving at his room, he raped her.” the presiding judge, Im Vanak said while presiding over the case.


Udok however says he will be appealing the court’s judgement at the Cambodia Supreme court
“I believe that the court’s verdict was unjust for me, and I cannot accept it. I will bring the case to the Appeal Court.” Udok said outside the courtroom.


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