Double Standards

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That’s What I Thought!

We hear all these stories of men being wolves in sheeps clothing; of men being monsters and assholes and all that yet we seldom hear stories of how women can be equally horrible. We live in a society filled with double standards, that is the truth. We live in a world where respecting each other just seemed so hard and so impossible. We all have to be better than the next person. That person has to be worst than us. Blah, blah, blah.

One particular double standard our society has that I find really cringing is in terms of abusive relationships. I came across this infographic about the ten signs of an abusive partner and I find it quite ridiculous that it is, probably unconsciously, biased against men.

I do not condone domestic violence or abusive partners. I am not saying that it is not happening. Some men ARE monsters…

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