Directed Study: Gender Equality

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Helen Blackburn Art

Games can serve many purposes from education to entertainment. They allow you to explore environments and interact with characters in ways that would be impossible in the real world, providing multi-faceted experiences; reflecting a variety of viewpoints.

Challenges women face in the games industry:

  • I feel I constantly have to challenge assumptions.
  • Being judged based on stereotypes about women.
  • Being considered incapable of doing a certain job because I am a woman.
  • Lower pay due to gender, lack of career progression opportunities.
  • Old boys club – being excluded.
  • My voice being heard.
  • The Glass Ceiling.

Brief: Against this background of gender imbalance, your challenge is to use one of the themes above as the inspiration for a game.

Use metaphors that would help the majority in a work place to appreciate these challenges so they can develop empathy for the situation and potentially resolve these challenges.

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