Why Do Guys Have Phobia towards Touching Ladies’ Undies?

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I really found this mail hilarious, but I’ll let you guys answer our dearest reader who wants to know why guys will never touch, though publicly, ladies’ underwear.
 Hello chioma,
I am an undergraduate, studying Geology in your school, FUTO. Something happened last weekend at my friend’s lodge that I really want you to put up on your blog for discussion. 
I had gone to visit a friend to play video games at his place. And while we were at it, rain started falling. Immediately, my host rushed off, grabbed clothes he had just washed and we got back to our game. But just seconds later, he let out a scream that his female neighbour had also asked him to watch out for her clothes just incase the rain started. My boy rushed off and minutes later, came back and we resumed our game. 
I guess he forgot that amongst the clothes he brought in were some undies belonging to his neighbour – some sexy pants, that type ladies call g-string or so and like 2 bras cos he just hurriedly dropped them on a chair and came back to the game. You need to see how our other friends who were playing games with us laughed, mocked, yabbed and shaded my guy.  That how could he have picked those undies with his hands.  My guy was just speechless and I was left wondering, is there anything wrong with that?


One thought on “Why Do Guys Have Phobia towards Touching Ladies’ Undies?

    Lily Sopi said:
    May 22, 2015 at 5:17 am

    Shoooo, I never knew abt it.

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