Reply to the post that ‘advised’ women to keep ‘it’ for their husbands from another guy

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To the person who was ‘advising’ women to keep themselves for their husbands. If you are in any way spiritual or even a christian, you should know that keeping yourself, along with keeping every other commandment of God is for the sake of God. Not because of another imperfect human being like you. And if your advice has any moral basis, it would apply to men too. I would be very insulted by your article if I were a man because it means nobody is holding me to any expectation. Is it only women who have the capacity of self control? Make no mistakes, I am very much in support of keeping ones self pure for marriage but at least bring other things apart from your hymen to the table when in a relationship.
What of preaching independence, good character and resourcefulness to ladies. I think that is what even the bible describes as a virtuous woman. (Prov 31:10-31). Whats even ironic is that no part of that bible verse talks about being a virgin. To make up for your oversight, I will put this out there to all the chaste women who have to deal with undeserving men. For that man that is trying to lure you in his bed with the excuse of, “I have to know if we are sexually compatible.” Ask that evil man, If I sleep with you once and we find out we are sexually compatible, will you stop? (after all, that is what he wants to find out).
If we find out it is actually you, the man that has a problem, will you be nice enough to break up with me immediately because heaven forbid I be in a relationship with someone who is sexually incompatible with me, according to his theory. Even married couples develop problems in their sex life as the years go by and sane people work it out. Not ditch their spouse for someone else who is better in bed like that is what being in a relationship is all about. I totally agree sex is very important in a marriage and if a couple are spending time together building something strong and are compatible in every other respect, It is as good as impossible to become incompatible only sexually.
To all those men that are telling you that “I have to try a car before I buy it”. Ask him, all these people around the world in messy marriages, did they not “test the car?” Men need to prove their worth better than by how many women they land in their beds because if owning a penis is your measure of being a man, you would be surprised how many human beings around the world actually own penises.
Women, be wise as serpents. Men these days are getting everything from women without even being in a relationship with them so being a virgin is not enough. Be on point in every aspect so you can attract men of worth and actually have sound advice to give your daughters later in life instead of something as silly as “Your husband that is supposed to meet the thing chacha (brand new) will now meet esha (yoruba name for rotten).” Since men have learned to shoot without missing, birds should learn to fly without perching. Enough said.


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