A piece of advice to all ladies from a guy

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Hey you! yes you. You’ve lost your virginity to a guy for reasons best known to you. Now the guy has left you. (you cry for some time and stopped). You met another guy and the guy requested for sex, you still went ahead to give him. He later dumped you. And it goes on like that. Each guy you meet you keep allowing him to sleep with you. My question to you is: How many guys are going to sleep with you before you get married? Your husband that is supposed to meet the thing chacha (brand new) will now meet esha (yoruba name for rotten).
For those who are still virgins, I give you two thumps up! If any guy comes around demanding for sex and you tell him to wait till you guys get married and he says no he cant wait, please let him go. After all God is not in support of sex before marriage, so he will provide a good man. That also goes to those who have lost their virginity. You’ve made that mistake once and let that be once and for all. Ladies……please wake up and wise up!


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