18 Simple, Uncontroversial Ways Women Can Fight Sexism

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Flickr / Antti T. NissinenFlickr / Antti T. Nissinen

Sometimes I feel like being a woman is this large, befuddling thing that I have to do “right.” Not just because biological pressures force us to make good decisions fast or else; also because the media feeds us an insidious diet of half-truths designed to show us what happens if we don’t woman the right way. Hollywood is obviously horrible. But even other women’s writing does this. I’ve endured so many articles telling me what every woman should know by the time she’s 25 that it’s become a conscious effort to think for myself.

It’s actually the least true stereotype in my experience: that women can’t think for ourselves. I haven’t had a single female friend in my life who couldn’t do things without being buttressed by five other women. I’ve actually seen more men go out of their way to impress other people. Granted…

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