Engaging men and boys for gender equality

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>>Authored by Sabina Rogers, Manager, Communications and Relationships

If we are to achieve the World Bank’s goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030 — or even our own goal of helping 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty — we have to tackle the issue of gender inequality. The recent review of microcredit RCTs shows, on average, a surprising lack of positive effect on women’s empowerment.

Though, there are some promising findings. For example, it seems that the effects of microcredit diffuse across multiple outcome, so it’s hard to detect what the actual effect is on women’s empowerment. Also, the study in Mexico found some small but significant increase in female decision power.

Are we satisfied with “small but significant”? Microfinance has long claimed that it was empowering women; indeed, the third core theme of our campaign, approved alongside the original…

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