Singapore’s battle of the sexes: denied

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profound mediocrity

This century hosts the most ridiculous yet relatable of problems concerning the supposedly ongoing battle of the sexes. Women demand for equality, men complain that we’re unreasonable. And guess what, I actually agree to both sets of arguments.

Women’s rights hasn’t exactly been the most low-profile argument ever since it began. It dominates the entire sphere of arguments that pertains to gender. Everything and almost anything can be linked back to gender bigotry (mostly female). Insane I know. Even aspiring golden globe winners (mostly female) who are given a moment of narcissistic self promotion bring out gender swords in the midst of thanking everyone for their effort and all that jazz- by the way, has gratitude been diluted into a mere screen habit or is it still in the running as one of the most important values one, celebrity or not, should have? Of course, it’d be extremely condescending of…

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