Meet The Woman Who’s Been Offered $8,000,000 For Giving Up 15 Years Of Her Life

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man with woman and money

If someone offered you eight million dollars (insert Dr. Evil laugh here) for 15 years of exclusive access to your life, would you do it? That’s the question Rola Misaki, a 22-year-old porn star, is grappling with after an anonymous businessman (in a mask, no less) offered her that sum of money for undisclosed services.

According to Bro Bible, the indecent proposal occurred when both Misaki and the businessman were at an event together in Beijing. No one knows why the man was masked, but Bro Bible has some ideas as well as some financial advice for Misaki:

The likely answer is because he’s f*cking ugly and $8,000,000 is the absolute least anyone would accept if they actually saw his face. Maybe that is also why he is willing to lock in for 15 years. Who knows? But for Misaki’s sake, if this money is taxed, she better make sure…

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