#Violence against Women – On the Recognition of Experiential Knowledge

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“Victim” – “Survivor”: Reflections on the discourse about women experiencing of violence (GERMAN VERSION )
POSTSCRIPT to the AOEF Meeting, 5-6.June 2014

By Birgit Wolf

How are women on their way out of violence outside the support services and after separation? What are their life contexts and experiences in three, five or ten years after leaving the violent relationship behind? Indeed, we know very little, except from prevalence studies telling us, that women often experience more than once domestic violence.

Reflections on public and internal debate – where they exist – around the terms “victim”, “affected” by, or “survivor” of gender-based partner violence and their importance for violence prevention would be quite desirable for the development of an empowering approach for 33% of women in the EU experiencing physical and/or sexual violence evidenced by the FRA-study [1] and for the 10% up to over 50% of women globally, as…

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