The Rolling Stone story and campus sexual assault

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Feminist Philosophers

Update: the full Columbia review is now available.

Libby Nelson has written an excellent editorial over at Vox about the importance of the upcoming Columbia School of Journalism Review of Rolling Stone’s partially-fabricated story ‘A Rape on Campus’:

Understanding what went wrong in the UVA story is crucial, and not just for journalists. Rolling Stone’s narrative might have been false, but campus sexual assault is still one of the most difficult problems in higher education. Solving it requires accurately understanding how common it is, and figuring out how to balance the interests of victims and the rights of the accused — all things Rolling Stone failed to do.

. . .

The Columbia Journalism School report is expected to focus less on Charlottesville and more on Rolling Stone: how an explosive, criminal allegation wasn’t given even cursory fact-checking before being published in a national magazine, and why the magazine reportedly…

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