Stop Fixing Women

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Girls' Globe

Written by Ashley Milne-Tyte, Producer & Host of The Broad Experience

Women get a lot of advice, and much of it centers around changing our behavior. We’re told we’ll do better if we speak up (but no vocal fry or upspeak, please), embrace competition, and negotiate for higher pay once we start work. I’m mostly supportive of this type of guidance, and especially of organizations that teach young girls how to better stand up for themselves and carry that confidence into the workplace.

Still, the reality is that young women now make up around 60 percent of university graduates around the world. That’s huge. Yet while we’re now the majority entering the workplace, the workplace’s default setting is male. It was made by men, for men. Women have always had to fit in and embrace male norms, or struggle.

I think about all this a lot, partly because of…

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