On the Fence About Feminism

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I was just going to post a poem this week and call it a day. But after reflecting for a while on a video a watched a while back about feminism, and a legitimate explanation from someone on why they aren’t a feminist, I decided to do a post about it. Before reading further, I recommend you watch this (https://youtu.be/vNErQFmOwq0). If you don’t want to, I’ll summarize the gist. Third wave feminism (what is happening now) does not include: equal representation of the genders and few feminists reject the benefits women have over men (there are few, but they exist).

Now I’m not saying I 100% agree with everything said in the video. I don’t. BUT it does raise some valid criticism of feminism. I felt a lot of tension the first time I watched this. I wanted to disagree with her so badly, because feminism is supposed to…

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