If Avengers Made Malaysia Their Home

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fa abdul


1. You’ll hear them over the radio giving public service announcements to be kind, do good and support your local music acts. It will probably sound something like this:

“Hi, my name is Tony Stark and I’m from the Avengers! Whenever you go online and search for us on YouTube, take the time to search for your local heroes such as Cicakman and Keluang Man. They will definitely appreciate local support and it will go a long way! Once again, I’m Tony Stark and here at (inserts radio station’s name), we support our local heroes.”

2. Itu dia, Kapten Malaysia


3. Billionaire Tony Stark will be Malaysia’s biggest contributor to the GST (but of course, no problem for him lah)78b7

4. Thor would open a few F&B outlets like this:


5. You’ll see traces of him in the menu…


6. DO NOT EVER piss Hulk off on the road. Always let…

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