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A “conventionally attractive” woman generally speaking, currently appears to refer to a woman whose body is toned, tanned and skinny. A woman who has long legs and big breasts; a woman with long, flowing hair; a woman whose appearance is usually enhanced by cosmetics of some kind. This is, naturally, not how every woman looks; neither is it how everyone woman should look – hence the ‘Big and Beautiful’ backlash.
However, there is so much pressure to fit in with this image of conventional attractiveness that many may feel insecure and become defensive: “…but she’s not a real woman” – to quote an excellent band, we’ve heard it all ten thousand times.
Inspired by the latter, and, very sadly, something that I read in a copy of *cringe* Grazia magazine (please note: reading this magazine is not something I often do… but, ya know, sometimes you just gotta read the…

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