Gender Issues: Switching Sides in the Classroom

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sociology and psychology were the two subjects i love bests during my school days!

je suis mager

My class has finished our Sociology syllabus, so yesterday we got around and discussed some gender issues. Cue the drumroll!

For me, Sociology has been the most-awaited subject every week since the 10th grade. People and the way they relate to others has always intrigued me. Moreover, the fact that they have all these theories to explain everything we do, socially. The studies are relatively simple and relatable, since it’s basically what we do everyday. The other reason is probably because I’m not the most sociable kid in your year–I even find it hard to interact with my fellow classmates. It’s like I love the idea of human interaction, but not quite on doing so. Studying sociology makes me feel less reclusive and kind of just be… in the middle of society.

Of course it depends on the teacher’s approach, not only to make us memorize the theories, but also…

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