from catcalling to sex trafficking, My Sister is there

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Dash of Daisy


Catcalling happens to almost every girl at one time or another, and there’s no other way to describe how it feels other than belittling.

Living in downtown Phoenix, catcalling is something I hear of often and have dealt with occasionally, and unfortunately it’s often written off as “no big deal.”


“So what he yelled ‘hey baby’ randomly? Just ignore it! Who cares if he gives you a swift up-down stare and whistles? You were in gym clothes, what did you expect?”

I mean, he’s practically complimenting you, right?


Boyfriend Jeans

I hope one day catcallers will understand how their aggressive eye-balling makes me feel like a piece of meat.

I hope one day they will understand the struggle young women experience (most of the time unknowingly) trying to differentiate when a man is flirting and when they are hunting.

And I know the word hunting sounds so intense and animalistic – but please understand…

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