Are You Speeking Engrish?

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fa abdul


Some time ago, a local artist from Malaysia was interviewed on a Singapore radio station. She was asked about her favourite body part.

“My favourite part of my body is my nipples.”

She meant her dimples.

Few months ago a friend went to this nice restaurant in The Gardens. He ordered the Mexican Meatballs as the appetizer. After the meatballs were served, the waiter asked:

“Sir, would you like me to sauce your balls?”

He almost choked.


Yup, the falling standards of the English language in Malaysia has gone beyond redemption. And this is exactly the reason why I almost fell off my chair yesterday morning when I read the news:

“Education Minister II Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh insisted that our teacher’s English language proficiency level be on par with that of their peers in England.”


Come on lah – at par with the Brits? Who are we…

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