Prepare For The End Of The World With This Streaming Guide To Apocalyptic Movies

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When it comes to movies, “the end of the world” has a plethora of meanings. It could simply mean the end of civilization, plunging the world into some anarchic, irradiated wasteland (like the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road). It could literally mean the destruction of the planet itself (see Melancholia later in this list). It could mean…. Leonard Bernstein…. we think (seriously, R.E.M., what the hell?). It could also be a story about how we came really, really close to getting wiped out but were saved at the last minute by science or Keanu Reeves.

What follows is a series of nine movies that fit any of those descriptions, and because video stores went through their own apocalypse, we limited it to movies that you can view on one of the many subscription streaming services.

World War Z (Netflix, Amazon)

If you were to tell us…

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