Meet The Man Who Might Have The Strangest Job In America

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barbie doll legs

Slade Fero is the master of his field. If he was a chef, he’d be world-renowned; if he was an author, his books would likely be on the best-seller list. But Fero’s got an even more interesting job than cooking or writing books: he fixes the genital areas of Real Dolls, the almost-human love toys for the modern gentleman.

And he fixes the rest of them, too. Teeth, joints, eyes: he does it all.

Yesterday, Real Stories posted the above clip detailing Fero’s important work (featured in the documentary Love Me, Love My Doll), which is both impressive and probably a huge crowd-gatherer at parties. Kind of hard to get people interested in how many TPS reports you filed at the office if the dude next to you is explaining exactly how to remove and repair a sexual surrogate’s vagina or bemoaning the fact that he’s “almost out of vaginas.” (Yes…

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