Women the softer nature!

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Females has the softer nature and have statistically proven to be flexible. Still, that doesn’t give the men any right to lay unreasonable blames on them anyhow. if anything is going wrong in a relationship, the female will be the one to be blamed. These days, it has gotten to the extent that if food is not on the table on time , the lady tend to get hot slaps across her cheek whereas he (the man) may not have left a penny before he  left. so who is to be blamed?

When a woman gives birth to many girls, the man and his relatives shout ”chai” she has given us a girl again. so what if she gives birth to a girl, whose fault? And the truth he would not want to hear is that the fault is his. it was his X-chromosome that fused with the wife’s instead of the Y-chromosome to give a the so called precious boy. So how come all these blames on women? Or is the blame an act of ignorance! Can they not be exonerated from all these undue blames?

These unwarranted blames tends to go higher as the day goes by. When a man comes back home annoyed, he will decide to lash out his anger on somebody…of course the woman at home. Well I call that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

When he don’t have much on her, instead of explaining, the lady gets the heat.

Hmm…for the simple fact that women have the softer nature doesn’t make them stupid nor punching bag at all.

Whose fault is it that everywhere the women are pushed to the back seat? Note that the story about women have changed and anything I mean anything can happen. Those that normally say ”hmm woman that do bend down to urinate” will soon see that it’s for those women that wants to bend down before the urinate.



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