Rachel Notley proud of ‘historic’ number of women elected in Alberta

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WATCH ABOVE: Premier-elect Rachel Notley said she is very proud of the diversity in her caucus that will represent Alberta. 

History was made May 5, 2015, and not just with the NDP toppling the PCs’ 44-year reign in Alberta — which also means 63 per cent of Canadians now live in a province that will be governed by a female.

A record 27 women were elected to Alberta’s legislative assembly Tuesday night (28 if you count the Calgary-Glenmore riding where two women are tied); up from 2012’s 22 elected females. Of the 27, all but three came from the NDP.

“I haven’t ran the numbers yet, shall I say,” Alberta’s premier-elect, Rachel Notley, said in her victory speech — a possible call-back to her predecessor’s “math is difficult” jab. She was interrupted by more than half a minute of boisterous cheers from a jubilant crowd before she could continue.

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