How we think in Nigeria!

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I went hanging out this evening with few friends after all the day stress. we ran into old friends of ours. we had to sit together for couple of beer so that we can relate very well about or old times and the present day challenges. At a point we started asking each other what we are into now and the things we are passionate about. Reaching my own turn I told them that I am into blogging and my blog is all about THE RIGHT OF AFRICAN WOMEN IN THE SOCIETY they were like they don’t understand I had to break it down for them that I am a FEMINIST! One of the  guys among us were like ”Babe u be lesbian?”  I laugh and laugh and was like so the only question that always run on peoples’ mind when u told them that your a Feminist is ”is this babe a Lesbian?”

Please make una answer me oh!


One thought on “How we think in Nigeria!

    Lily Sopi said:
    May 8, 2015 at 12:59 am

    Very sensely and useless mentality. Any entity that thinks way need to be taken to mentality care unit for adequate treatment.

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