Women, Death, and Inheritance

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its not acceptable at all

Let’s talk about what happens when people die. By which I mean, what happens to MONEY when people die.

I don’t mean to trivialize death, or grief – I’ve experienced my share of both. But today I want to deal with inheritance – the practical matter of who gets the money (or the land, or the belongings) of the deceased.

This is not something Americans think about very often. To most of us, I think it is an unwelcome and even unsettling topic – because in order for us to inherit, someone close to us must die.  Still, we arrange for property to transfer hands; many write wills detailing their wishes after their death, entrusting them to a family member or a law firm. Often, families will discuss ahead of time how property is to be distributed. I know my grandparents have discussed their desires in detail with their sons…

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