Why We Can’t have Women Presidents or Prime Ministers?

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Knocked Down, Still Standing

It’s about time that we have a female leader at the federal government in North America. There are many places that have accomplished that before us, even as we classify  them as undeveloped, or developing, yet in many areas they have taken greater strides than us.

Some would like us to just be content with the status quo. They even liken our (women) lamentations for equality as whining, or perhaps nagging, just hard to please.

And why shouldn’t we be concerned about the plight of women in our society? Why shouldn’t we want more? We can acknowledge that we have come far while at the same time concede that there is still farther to go.

Our governments propagate the idea of our culture’s superiority, as they decry the treatment of women in other countries, citing our treatment of women as exemplary.

(And I am not saying that we aren’t treated well. Sure we get to wear…

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