Why is Gender Inequality a Development Issue?

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This is a short opinion piece for my NSTP class when we were discussing Gender Issues.

Gender inequality is fundamentally about how we perceive ourselves relative to others. It is a development issue because it is during our growth and development phase that our belief systems, values, and behavioral patterns are molded and solidified.

It’s very difficult for us to change those things afterwards, especially when we are older, not just because the core intellectual connections have already been made, but because it is inconvenient. For although stereotypes can be woefully wrong, they are very useful. For instance, although we like to say that genitalia are the only difference between men and women, there do exist many more useful generalizations.

There are more male soldiers, for example, and that is not just an effect of upbringing but of biology—men tend to have the qualities we look for in warriors: stronger…

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