What’s more messed up than little girls saying Fuck?

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The Casual Sex Study

In two words gender inequality!! That’s the message that FCKH8 is trying to get across in several videos that they’ve posted online of young girls saying fuck (repeatedly). Our society has a huge problem with treating men and women differently.

For example, praising men as ‘lads’ and degrading women as ‘sluts’ over the exact same behaviour. The view that casual sex is something dirty and shameful for women only may explain why several research studies, (Vrangalova 2014, for example) have found that having casual sex is more detrimental to female mental health than males.

One of the aims of my research study is to look at the effect that personality has on the relationship between mental well being and casual sex and one way that it may have an effect is because certain personality types are more likely to internalize the negative views of others. Which would leave women who score…

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