Today is Equal Pay Day. What the F$!@ are We Celebrating For?

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For starters, the National Committee on Pay Equity defined Tuesday to be the day that represents how far into a work week women must work to earn what men earned the previous week. Also according to the committee, today, April 14, 2015, is a date that “symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned the previous year.” If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, let me introduce this topic with numbers. Many of you have heard or read that a woman makes 77 or 78 cents for each dollar her male counterpart makes. Wait, what? Holy sh%$! If this is your first time hearing it, congratulations, you are now caught up on the times. And if you’re really behind the times, you probably haven’t seen this BuzzfFeed video that  illustrates this concept quite comically: One Woman Discovers the Wage Gap.

However, this data represents only a ratio of female-to-male median earnings of full-time, year-round workers

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