The neverending story – Lisa Steischnack, Austria

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United Youth Journalists

It will come as unsurprising news for people here in Austria that women are often neglected or discriminated against by companies because of their sex. So, what action is Austria taking against this injustice?

The country seems to have reached an agreement: the best solution was to invent a new problem. Recently, a huge discussion started on whether or not to mention women in the National Anthem. The irony of this story is that the text of the anthem was originally written by a woman.


What good though is a fake problem presented as a real one? The vicious circle begins. People begin to focus on the fake problems. They are satisfied when they find an answer for the fake problem and all at once they start to forget about the real ones. Nevertheless the real issues we have here in Austria must be fought against.

One of the most…

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