“The Goldbergs” Take On Gender Inequality

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     On a new episode the writers of “the Goldbergs” made a significant and  poignant comment on gender inequality, not in society as a whole but within families.
     In “La Biblioteca Es Libros” (Season 2, Episode 19) the older brother, Barry (Troy Gentile), through mismanaged intentions applies for his first job ever in order to earn his father’s (Jeff Garlin) respect. And it works. After just one day training as a pizza delivery driver their father greets him with a beer in a show of camaraderie. The sister Erica (Heyley Orrantia), who has held down a job though all her teenage years and yet never received any acknowledgement from their father, witnesses this moment and becomes (understandably) pissed off.
     Inevitably Barry’s lack of work ethic (or basic reasoning ability) comically leads to his being fired. Of course Barry continues to pretend he’s employed and the accolades for being a “working man” continue to come from their father including Barry’s own reclining chair and control over…

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