STK MKT Entertainment Partners with Arethusa Speaks to End Violence Against Women

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Upcoming Hip Hop

D'Chrome Foster #LoveMyBounce

Back in January, D’Chrome Foster launched the #LoveMyBounce movement to call forth all fierce and fearless females to assert themselves as sexy, empowered beings – and to encourage others to honor and celebrate what it means to be free.

In honor of International Women’s Day, hip hop artist D’Chrome Foster and multimedia company STK MKT Entertainment announced their first #LoveMyBounce partner: Arethusa Speaks, a nonprofit organization that gives a voice to victims of intimate partner violence through storytelling. STK MKT Entertainment has introduced a line of #LoveMyBounce shorts and pledged to donate 20% of proceeds to support Arethusa Speaks’ upcoming storytelling productions, ongoing research and educational outreach.

Working to create social change for women through art, music and theater, STK MKT Entertainment and Arethusa Speaks hope to prevent relational violence and erase the stigma of identifying as a survivor of abuse.

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