My Reaction To #FeminismIsAwful Trending On Twitter

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Marley Justine

Yesterday, I was absolutely disgusted when I  discovered that #FeminismIsAwful was trending on Twitter.  That’s right, #FeminismIsAwful was trending on Twitter.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I was in high school, my understanding of feminism was anything but accurate.  Fortunately, I discovered my love for the social sciences and in addition to covering feminism in Criminology and Sociology courses, I also took courses in Women And Gender Studies and my mind was blown. While I’m hardly an expert in the field,  I probably have more experience and knowledge than some of these people who are blindly ‘Tweeting’ that feminism is awful. Maybe it’s my background in the social sciences or the fact that I am feminist, but  I feel that I have an obligation to tell you that feminism is not awful.

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