Is she the hero?

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The Writer's Bloc - Sudha Subramanian


Over 30 years ago, I was admonished in the classroom for saying that the girls are better than boys. It was also the same year when a male teacher told me why men will always be better than women. After all, he had reasoned, the power to get a woman pregnant or not, always rested with the man, which he deemed was the ‘ultimate’ power.
Although years have gone by, I still cringe when I think of that moment. It was the 80s. The year when there were many films that drove home the point that women were inferior to men. The strong women were ‘tamed’ by men. Many times, all the man had to do was ‘kiss’ the woman, and she would surrender like a flower.

It is 2015 now. Many years have gone by and ideally, we should have carried many learnings for future generations. As a…

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