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´What are the main causes for women being paid less? Life time working patterns, labor market rigidities, direct discrimination and older women not having enough education.

  • 36% of the gender pay gap could be explained by gender differences in lifetime working patterns, including the fact that women, on average, spend less of their careers than men in full-time jobs, more in part-time jobs, and have more interruptions to their careers for childcare and other family responsibilities.
  • 18% is caused by labor market rigidities, including gender segregation and the fact that women are more likely to work for small firms and less likely to work in unionized firms.
  • 38% is caused by direct discrimination and women and men’s different career preferences and motives (some of which are in turn the result of discrimination).
  • 8% is the result of the fact that older women had poorer educational attainment


´Is there male…

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