I Have a Vagina. So What?

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fa abdul

I have cleavage. I have breasts. I have nipples. I have curves. I have a vagina. They were awarded to me by God when He decided that I was to be born a female into this world.

For 20 years I covered myself from head to toe, showing only my face, two hands and feet. I lived as a good Muslim, an obedient wife and a quiet member of society. I never spoke unless I needed to. I kept myself busy attending to the needs of my husband and my children. When I walked down the streets, my head always hung low, my eyes never gazed upon strangers.

During those 20 years, I have had men staring and smiling at me. Occasionally there were shoulders brushed against mine while walking down the street; caressing of hands during transactions and exchange of materials; body parts rubbed during crowded bus trips and a…

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