Feminism and Libertarianism

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Feminism is a contended issue in a society where many believe the movement is no longer needed. Women who continue to complain about issues such as sexism are seen as attention seeking and whiny. The stereotype of these women who still dare to speak about about gender inequality are viewed as man-hating and anti-family, which is made worst by the fact that they are also hairy, angry and ugly.

From my own experience one of the reasons people struggle to connect with feminism is because those who shout the loudest about gender issues and who self-identify as feminists tend to be butch, shaven- headed Marxists who fit the stereotype perfectly. Unfortunately when these sorts of people bring up feminist topics they are silenced by their appearance. People judge others by the way they look, which isn’t right but it happens. Other feminists may hear the points that stereotypical feminists are…

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